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The Sleep of Reason Produces


8-12 February, 2017, Art Rotterdam, Van Nelle Fabriek, Rotterdam. As part of Action.

The Trial

The TrialThe Trial 2

“The Trial” is based on an interview using literary devices, with a woman from the International Criminal Court’s Investigation Division. Within the court’s structure, the investigator cannot control the way the research she produces will be read, which is done by a separate legal department acting within a jurisdiction that’s often an instrument of colonialism. The film consists of voice, subtitles and soundtrack, reconstructing memories and spaces, in the first person, present-tense, a movie-esque soundtrack added in post production. The memory of a professional observer, is stretched and a game emerges between speaking and editing in the realm of law and cinematic imagination. Viewers can enter a screening room with or without wireless headphones to experience the film differently.

Dream Drawings

Postproduction Drawing


The Quick Brown Jumps Over the Lazy Dog

Against DW Griffith

The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog

For Live Works, part of World Breakers Festival,
Centrale Fies, Trentino, 2016

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Resolution 827











Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam, April 18–May 31, 2015.

“Resolution 827” is the outcome of a collaboration between Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade. The title of the exhibition, “Resolution 827”, refers to the UN resolution that was adopted in 1993 establishing the International  Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). The artists involved in this exhibition scrutinise questions of responsibility in each of the societies in question, but their contributions also revolve  around the way in which we can relate to the atrocities through the procession of the visual and audio files collected from ICTY and other archives.

Curated by Jelle Bouwhuis, Zoran Erić and Joram Kraaijeveld. With contributions by: Kristina Benjocki, Lana Cmajcanin and Adela Jušić, Anna Dasović, Doplgenger, Saša Karalić, Vladimir Miladinović, Quenton Miller, Charles van Otterdijk, Nikola Radić Lucati.