A Distracting Movement is Never in a Straight Line

Joey Ramone, Rotterdam
25 March – 6 May 2017

JOEY RAMONE is proud to present A Distracting Movement is Never in a Straight Line, the 1st solo exhibition in the gallery by Australian artist Quenton Miller. The exhibition opens on Saturday 25 March at 5 – 8pm and runs till Saturday 6 May 2017.

Drawing is an everyday way of thinking in Miller’s practice, functioning both as independent works and storyboards for other mediums. This exhibition combines drawings rendered in steel and slides, alongside printed and moving image works that deal with acting techniques and screen history. The space sets a scene of framing, cutting, reading, looking and embodying on behalf of an employer.

The work of Quenton Miller looks at the relations between thought, form and format. His projects misuse narrative making tools from art fields and non-art fields, looking at language manipulation and the way narratives are able to create or erode political realities.

Miller (1981, AU) has exhibited at Centrale Fies, Trentino (2016), SMBA, Amsterdam (2015), Apex Art, New York (2008, 2011), 1646, the Hague (2016), West Space, Melbourne (2011). His work produces a range of formats and outputs, including texts published by Guernica Magazine and the Believer, and cartoons appearing in journals and daily newspapers. Miller also collaborates with Ilke Gers, as the publication collective Action. During their simultaneous exhibitions at JOEY RAMONE, works made as Action will be inserted around the gallery.